Cutler Kitchen and Bath offers cost effective quality for every space. Transform the look of your room in just four simple steps:

1/ Picture it
2/ Plan it
3/ Purchase it
4/ Put it together


With these simple steps, planning your updated space has never been easier.


Define Your Floor Plan

Illustrate a rough outline of your room.


Measure Your Space

Using a tape measure, determine the dimensions of the room, from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall, and from corners to doors. Make sure to note all electrical outlets, fixtures, ventilation, plumbing, and gas connections.


Sketch Your Storage

Using the cabinet list on the previous page, sketch out your chosen cabinetry units. Be sure to include all appliances and fixtures that you plan to incorporate into your space.


Compile Your Total

Make note of the number of cabinets needed on your product list. This will make the purchasing process quick and easy. We invite you to complete your project at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Hardware or one of our many other retail partners where you can select from in-stock as well as special order cabinet hardware, sinks, appliances, and exceptional countertops. Delivery and installation options are available. Contact your closest Lowe’s retailer, and speak to a kitchen associate for more details.


Once you have pictured it, and planned it, it’s time to purchase it. Head to your nearest Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Hardware or one of our many other retail partners and take your selected in-stock cabinets home today! With Cutler Kitchen and Bath, installation is made simple, creating rooms that are stylish, sophisticated, and organized.
Simple In-Store Purchasing:
Purchasing your cabinets with Cutler Kitchen and Bath ensures a superior, stress-free shopping experience. Make sure to have the following items on hand:

  • Your Planning Grid
  • Your Cabinet Quantity List
  • The Tools and Materials Required


Put It Together

1 / Tape Measure

(If a pantry is used, the height of the pantry will determine the height of all upper cabinets)



(Make sure cabinets are level)

4 / Install upper cabinets starting from corner to wall

(18” min from above base cabinet)

5 / Screw upper cabinets together