19 Bathroom Vanity Designs That’ll Make You Want to Reno Immediately

Sure, you can plunk in a basic cabinet that houses a sink and plumbing hardware and be halfway done with your bathroom reno — but what’s the fun in that? These va-voom vanities showcase the power of creativity. A repurposed antique washstand. A unique cylindrical floor-standing model. A bold, bright colour. Here’s some vanity inspiration to finally kickstart that bathroom overhaul.

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Who Needs the Spa? 15 Bathroom Ideas That’ll Leave You in a State of Total Bliss

Let’s face it: we could all use a little more rest and relaxation. While going to the spa isn’t always possible, you can design a room in your home instead that’ll make every day feel like a spa day. From renovations that bring a super-luxe feel to your ensuite bathroom to simple decor and colour combos that elevate the home spa vibe in your bathroom, these ideas will help you bring bliss to your at-home experience.

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25+ Ways To Whip Your Mudroom Into Shape This Season

Mudrooms store everything from coats and shoes to sporting equipment and pet supplies, so it takes careful design to make them as efficient as possible. In Canada’s changing climate, the space needs even more help to accommodate each season’s attire, while combatting salt stains and rain puddles, too. Browse through our gallery to see 28 inspiring mudroom storage ideas that will help keep your own space functional and organized for back-to-school, whatever Mother Nature has in store.