50+ Blue & White Rooms That Prove This Palette Is Timeless

Whether it’s on chinoiserie ceramics or the streets of Santorini, Greece, blue and white is a classic color pairing that never goes out of style. Come summertime, this duo pops back onto our Pinterest boards for the nautical edge it brings to our homes and cottages — blue calls to mind calm seas and skies, and clean and simple white is its perfect mate. Get inspired to use this timeless color combo with our best 50+ blue and white rooms below.

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10 Home Renovations With the Highest Return on Investment in 2021

According to the RE/MAX 2021 Renovation Investment Report, pandemic living has changed the way Canadians think about renovations: more than half of us renovated our homes last year for living there. Only 16 percent of us renovated specifically to increase our home’s market value. Still, nearly 60 percent of the Canadians surveyed said that they still considered return on investment, no matter what the main reasons for renovating were. If you’re considering renovating your home this year, what would be the best kind of job to tackle? RE/MAX crunched the numbers and found that it varied from one market to another. However, there are some projects that are worth it no matter where you live. Here are the home renovations with the highest return on investment in 2021.

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35 Unexpected Decorating Moves To Wake Up Your Home

While fresh-cut flowers are a spring staple indoors, we’ve rounded up cheerful decorating ideas that don’t need to be refreshed on a weekly basis (think: unexpected bursts of color, whimsical motifs and foraged finds that double as art and bring the outdoors in). If you’re looking for new ways to bring life into your space this season, keep reading to get inspired!

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65+ Things That Make Regular Rooms Look Luxe

Rich materials, bold art, striking architecture… high-end design has a way of grabbing our attention — and keeping it. So why not channel an opulent spirit in your own home? Though some spaces are blessed with great architectural elements, abundant millwork and natural light, adding the elements listed in this gallery will elevate a home and make a big impact. Here are 65+ budget-friendly ways to bring a luxurious look to your home, from investment buys to smart reno tips. Take your pick to make your home look a little bit richer — and a lot more memorable.

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60 Rooms That Prove White & Wood Make The Perfect Pair

When we think about color combos that stand the test of time, black and white immediately comes to mind. But for those who prefer a less high-contrast look, there’s another pairing that’s equally timeless: white and wood. Neutral enough to complement any decorating style, this classic combo brings warmth and brightness to rooms.

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Layering Warm Tones Into Your Space: Our Tips

When we design a space, we’re always considering how we can strike the right balance and contrast among the finishes and pieces incorporated.
One of our favorite ways to create a welcoming environment is by bringing warm tonal elements to add dimension.

While we love the hues of blues, grays, and true whites, sometimes a space that leans in one tonal direction can fall a little flat. To balance our cool tones, we like to “warm up the room” to bring more depth into our spaces.

Here are four ways to bring more warmth into your design:

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